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FRANDS only!

adding//selectively adding//closed

My icons can be found @  [ profile] fangirlomg, formerly [ profile] omgitskrypton.

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nice pic. refriended cuz your fucking cool!

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Blingbling. ♥

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I added your new journal - is that what your hair's currently looking like? I like it!

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I work for the federal government - its more like "I wish I could quit and redye it plz". ;)

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Fuuuuu! Refriendedx0r! :P

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ZOMGx100! You better have. ♥

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You've been refriended. ;)

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Me and MLK are stoked that you did so ma'am. ♥

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You're one of the best people on here, even though you don't post very often.

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I miss you guys a ton - I need to go visit or something sometime.

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I am bringing sexy back.

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Hi! I've refriended you!

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I was hoping you would. ♥

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Oooh Now I get to read all the FRANDS ONLY entries!!!!!!

So... Does this mean you're gonna post some hmm?

PS the makeup job my coworker gave me last night would make you SO PROUD

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And you Amy, are my FRAND. I will be posting more - I've just been in this funk about work and stuff and didn't want to bore my friends list. ♥ You now owe me a description of the hot makeup.

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I refriended you too!

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About time, you!

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I love the hair~! and you said you did it yourself right, WICKED ♥

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To keep the colors from blending I'd even wash my regular hair and keep my bangs in saran wrap. ♥ Thanks for the compliments!

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add me add me!

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There's a name I haven't seen in a while! ♥

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Met you tonight at sushi, you had me in stitches so now you are my frand!

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Glad I could make you laugh, I love doing that. ♥ WELCOME FRAND.

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hii, f r i e n d s ?

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Welcome, bb! ♥

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Added, BB. Abq sucks though, sorry. At least where I lived it did, there were no parties! ^.~

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♥ It does suck, I'm tired of ittttt. Welcome to my journal!

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wassup, thnx for the convo in my crazy fattie post. cud we be frands?

[identity profile] 2007-09-02 05:25 am (UTC)(link)
Yes, because we're both crazy bb! ♥

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I saw you post in one of my posts on worldofwarcraft and thought I would say hey and add you as friend

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Woohooooo! Added you back! ♥

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I'm a lady WoW addict and it would be nice to hear from another :D May I add you?

[identity profile] 2007-11-20 12:01 am (UTC)(link)
Absolutely! ♥ I haven't posted to my own journal in a while.. xD

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j-bird!!!! i MISS you...and our previous exploits of late nite black widow perfuming...


friend me?

[identity profile] 2007-12-06 07:46 am (UTC)(link)
Man, those words take me back. Friended hon! :)

'tard here

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wow. talk about being sucked into the black abyss. funny what being knocked up will make you miss. yeah.. so apparently it was so much fun the FIRST time i decided to do it AGAIN. and contrary to what john says- it's a vagina, NOT a clown car.... apparently it IS a clown car!

oh my GOD there's a soft core porn flick called Kinky Kong and it's a guy in a gorilla suit wearing a diaper. wow.....

Re: 'tard here

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I think I have actually SEEN Kinky Kong. Is it based on Planet of the Apes? I think thats the one I saw. And I watched it with MAD DOG CHAD.

Grats on your clown car...I mean baby. ;)

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Hey girl hey! Hey girl. Add me please!

[identity profile] 2008-02-17 05:32 pm (UTC)(link)
oh my god, finally

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I added you, I hope that's ok.

[identity profile] 2008-03-11 09:24 pm (UTC)(link)
That is absolutely okay, added you back! ♥

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lol i know this is kind of an inopportune time but i just realized that you are not on my friends list and you should be, so i am adding you.

[identity profile] 2008-03-13 07:49 am (UTC)(link)
♥ omg yay welcome

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Hey hello, I added you. :) Hope that's alright?

[identity profile] 2008-07-20 08:37 am (UTC)(link)
hi, is it alright if i add you? i see your comments on ontd all the time and you seem really freaking awesome. ♥

[identity profile] 2008-07-20 07:55 pm (UTC)(link)
yes it is! :) ♥

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